Detailed and accurate system design coupled with the project proposal becomes the backbone and road map for any successful CI project.

Time after time we have seen CI dealers bypass system design and substitute it with a list of rooms along with a list of equipment.

This approach leads to a world of troubles! For example, technicians make assumptions and install the wrong equipment, contractors pull incorrect cables, equipment that is not part of the sale may be used and in essence, a lot of money and valuable time is wasted.

At Diamond Technology, we pride ourselves on the highest level of detailed system design and encourage our dealers to ensure the following is documented before any installation work is carried out.

  • Plan drawings

  • Elevations

  • Schematics

  • Rack layout

  • Panel layouts

  • Cable schedules

  • Bill of materials

  • 3D Drawings 

  • D-Tools Training

  • D-Tools Implementation


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